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I will always strive to answer all your questions about anything.  So if you still have any questions please do not hesitate to ask me.  

I don't know what you know, what you don't know and what you want to know!

  • How do I book an appointment with you at your home practice?
    Due to security reasons, I have decided against online booking at this time and prefer all bookings to be done either in-person or through email communication. I will only be accepting new patients by referral from fellow Health Care practitioners only. However, anyone can take my online classes, not just patients
  • I've never seen a Registered Massage Therapist before.  What should I expect?
    I will ask you to fill out a detailed and confidential Health History Form in order to gather pertinent information needed to be able to provide safe and effective treatments. All RMT's are trained in Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Kinesiology, Remedial Excerise, Treatments and more. Some treatments require skin on skin techniques while others do not require the removal of any clothes, it just depends what the problem is or what the goal of treatment is. All treatment plans are discussed and consented to prior to every treatment so there are no surprises during treatment. All RMT's in Ontario are Regulated Health Professionals which means we are part of the Medical system and are required to uphold Standards of Practice. We are able to provide you with a receipt after treatment to use for your extended insurance, although we are not covered under OHIP.
  • Do you offer Gift Certificates for Massage?
    I do not offer Gift Certificates. I am required to mantain your file for 10 years after your last treatment with me for medical, legal and Insurance purposes. Also, due to the personal nature of my business I prefer patients choose to make appointments with me directly when they are ready and not because they "have to because they have a GC". That does not stop anyone for paying for their treatments, however, receipts will only be issued in the name of the recipient of the treatment. (ex. Husband pays for wifes treatment, receipt will be issued in the wifes name as she was the one who received the treament)
  • Can you give me a treatment and put a different date on the receipt?
    No, I am not able to date receipts on different days in which the treatment took place. That is fraud.
  • How do your virtual care appointments work?
    Virtual Care appointments are a great alternative when in-person care is not an option for either the patient, myself or both. Together we go over your Health History, perform as many assessments needed based on your symptoms and I will direct you on how to self treat the area which will then become your Home Care exercises. Most virtual appointments will require the use of either massage/yoga balls, foam roller, etc which can be purchased ahead of time from my online store. Indications for virtual care include: 1. Self Isolation for health reasons 2. Need assistance with Home Care between in-person appointments 3. Have run out of extended health insurance and need an affordable alternative 4. Do not live in close proximity to receive in-person treatment 5. I am away on holidays and it's an emergency!
  • What type of Consulting, Coaching or Mentoring do you provide?
    I can provide a wide variety of either Consulting or Coaching using NLP whether it is work related or maybe personal. All situations will be unique and may even overlap! Mentoring is more specific to students who are currently studying or who have recently graduated from the Massage Therapy Program and are looking for more direction. If you're not sure, just send me an email and we can discuss how I can help!
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