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Virtual Classes

Our bodies are constantly bombarded with everyday toxins. Whether its from our external environment (ex. pollution, EMF's, lotions, soaps, fragrances/perfumes, etc.) to our internal environment (ex. chemicals from man made foods, pesticides, alcohol, medications, etc) that it can be difficult for our body to filter out, especially if it's backed up!  Physical and emotional trauma both play a role in affecting the efficiency of the Lymphatic System.  

Join me periodically throughout the year as I guide you through a circuit of steps that will assist in clearing out the toxins from every aspect of your body!

Who is this for? Anyone with an Autoimmune Disorder, digestive disturbances, any condition with the suffix "itis" (inflammation) at the end, chronic ongoing symptoms/conditions.


Who is the NOT for? Anyone with a localized infection, illness resulting in a fever of 102F or more, Thrombosis (blood clots), CHF (congestive heart failure- untreated), Renal (kidney) Failure, Ongoing cancer/radiation/chemo.

Who should proceed with caution? Pregnancy (especially 1st trimester), constipation/bowel obstruction, certain medications, removed spleen, Glomerulonephritis


Disclaimer - Individual results may vary from mild to more intense symptoms of detox.  Fatigue, sweating, increased body odour, increased urination and/or defecation, nausea, etc are are possible and completely "normal" signs of detoxification.  Detox symptoms will occur for approximately 24 hours after Lymphatic drainage has been stimulated and possibly up to a few days.

Online registration closes 72 hours prior to the class so if you miss the cut off, simply email me at to be added manually.

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