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Based from the Lotte Berk Method created and taught over 30 years ago, Barre Fitness has taken over North America by storm!  Barre utilizes tiny one inch movements called Isometrics to lift, tone and strengthen every muscle group in your body.  Barre also uses a bit of ballet technique to give you that long and lean dancer look without having to be a dancer. And as much as we strengthen we also stretch with Yoga and Pilates influences.  The classes are set to upbeat popular music to help keep you motivated and having fun.  There are modifications for every exercise so everyone is able to do Barre no matter age, mobility or fitness goals!  I am regularly scheduled Thursdays at 9:00am and 7:15pm.


When you marry the science of racing with fun choreography to music you have THE best Spin class you'll ever take!  Spinning not only strengthens your heart muscles and cardio vascular capacity but it also help burn calories to help keep you fit and trim!

Come join me at the Barre at BARRES & WHEELS in Stittsville.  No experience necessary.

1261 Stittsville Main St.


"Bree is hands down the best Barre Instructor I have ever had!  Every exercise is carefully thought out and beautifully choreographed.  Bree's experience as an RMT provides an added layer of knowledge that ensures every class is safe, challenging, but most importantly fun!"

Belinda Dundon

"I look forward to Bree's new playlist and moves each class!  It's a full body workout that is never predictable or repetitive.  She teaches the choreography while explaining how it targets and works each muscle group properly.  5 stars every time!"

Ashley Dorion


Located in Jackson Trails 

Stittsville, ON

Monday - Wednesday's & Friday's 



To book an appointment with me simply email me with your preferred date and/or times and I will reply to you as soon as possible!

Direct: 613-294-2261


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